History and Development of Great Lakes Dock & Materials, LLC


The history of our marine construction business dates back to 1973 when John H. Bultema 11, andGeorge F. Bailey formed Lakeshore Contractors, Inc. Before the corporation was five years old they had executed over twenty-five major marine construction contracts for more than a dozen satisfied clients.

In 1992 we sold our business to Brand Marine Services, a Waste Management Company, and were assigned to Rust International. Over the next seven years we were involved the marine operations located in Michigan, Tennessee and New York.

Then in August of 1999 we formed a new marine construction company called Great Lakes Dock & Materials, LLC. Continuing with our passion for the marine business, we began building our fleet of Tug, Barges and Cranes into one of the leading marine business in the Great Lakes.

In 2003, my son, Joseph, joined the company bringing his youth, energy and civil engineering skills to our growing business. Then, unfortunately, on August 18, 2008, my friend and partner John H. Bultema II passed away unexpectedly. John is sadly missed by all who knew him. His tall stature and charming smile always brought cheer and happiness to the marine business.

Today, my son Joe and I continue expanding and developing the marine business with great employees and first class equipment. Presently, Great Lakes Dock & Materials operates multiple rigs throughout the Great lakes and their connecting waters. A single marine project can exceed $25 million dollars and is spread over multiple years. With the next generation at the helm, Great lakes Dock & Materials will continue to grow and develop into an industry leader in the future.



We have been in the marine construction business for more than 30 years

We were awarded the 2001 Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Civil Works Contractor of the Year